Who Really Needs More Stuff this Holiday Season?

In the recent newsletter for ShineLight Legacy, we touched on the important subject of what the heck to buy people this holiday season? Such a great question. Having lost my grandparents a few years ago I wish I had thought about interviewing them and creating a digital memoir to reflect on and share with my children. ShineLight Legacy could do this for you. It’s an uncomplicated process and the company is run by creative, and thoughtful people. I highly recommend giving them a look and joining their mailing list or following them on Facebook and Instagram. Check out their full newsletter HERE and below is a snippet from the newsletter.

How many times do you yearn to give something of great meaning to your loved ones? We try to think of ways to buy the perfect something which will convey just how much we love and care for them. Yet, many of us recognize that no one really needs more stuff, and we are often left to wonder, ‘will they even like it?’
“I don’t want any more things; 
I don’t want any more items, I want something that’s meaningful.”  
– A. Wolfe on giving a Tribute Video to her sister on her 70th birthday
Click here to see her one-minute testimonial
ShineLight videos are gifts of quality, not quantity. They are more than a gift; it’s an experience to stop, reflect and share how you feel. In this day and age, we don’t often take the time to connect with those we care about.  Let us help you carve out that time and create something beautiful.

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