Valentine’s Day Blog For The Frame Room

It's all about love baby! Love, love, love. Today I completed a blog on Valentine's Day gifts for everyone near and dear to your heart for The Frame Room. No exclusions! From the people that gave us life to the little people we gave life to, and of course, the person you want to spend… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Blog For The Frame Room

How to Find Free Art

The latest blog I created for The Frame Room reveals how to find free artwork on the web. With seemingly endless possibilities this blog was really fun to put together. I love a creative challenge! Check out the BLOG and be prepared to see a variety of resources to get you motivated and inspired. If… Continue reading How to Find Free Art

Who Really Needs More Stuff this Holiday Season?

In the recent newsletter for ShineLight Legacy, we touched on the important subject of what the heck to buy people this holiday season? Such a great question. Having lost my grandparents a few years ago I wish I had thought about interviewing them and creating a digital memoir to reflect on and share with my children.… Continue reading Who Really Needs More Stuff this Holiday Season?

Singer, Songwriter: Andrea Molina Dropping Her First Album This Year

Andrea Molina is certainly not new to the craft of singing, though for the first time she will be putting herself out there like never before with her first album to drop before the holidays. Check out Molina's heartwarming story about practice, triumph, and love.

Announcing Expanded Services, Holiday Specials, and Social Media Outlets: The October Newsletter for ShineLight Legacy Has it All

Writing copy for a company is like putting their expanded mission out for all the world to see. This month with ShineLight Legacy we began to promote a holiday special, one in which I suggested to the team as a spectacular sidecar to the already professional and sentimental services they provide. Check out their newsletter… Continue reading Announcing Expanded Services, Holiday Specials, and Social Media Outlets: The October Newsletter for ShineLight Legacy Has it All

Darling Girl: Drama Short Story

A Short Story I posted on my personal blog recently. Enjoy!

Fingers to Sky

Her family referred to her as a darling little girl. Michelle, now twelve, rolled her eyes at every word that fell from an adult’s mouth. Dreary is how she would describe her current living situation, which consisted of her mother, father, little brother, and Grandpa Willy. Grandpa Willy was the only interesting person in the house, often sharing his way-back-when stories; never to leave out any details about getting drunk and brawling at some faraway place. Unfortunately, Grandpa Willy was starting to become forgetful, and he often repeated his stories or mixed them up. His stumbling made Michelle uncomfortable and impatient. To avoid squirming and counting the seconds that ticked away with a story she had heard twenty times before, she began to keep her distance.

On Tuesday afternoon, she walked by Grandpa Willy’s room and noticed her mother was taking the sheets off of his bed. The smell…

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Blogging for The Frame Room

Time to preserve those awesome summer memories! The Frame Room is a custom framing company located in Baltimore, MD with a wide range of resources and services. Connecting recently with The Frame Room is an honor. I will be blogging for the company twice a month on average. With endless possibilities to mount a memory… Continue reading Blogging for The Frame Room