Valentine’s Day Blog For The Frame Room

It's all about love baby! Love, love, love. Today I completed a blog on Valentine's Day gifts for everyone near and dear to your heart for The Frame Room. No exclusions! From the people that gave us life to the little people we gave life to, and of course, the person you want to spend… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Blog For The Frame Room

How to Find Free Art

The latest blog I created for The Frame Room reveals how to find free artwork on the web. With seemingly endless possibilities this blog was really fun to put together. I love a creative challenge! Check out the BLOG and be prepared to see a variety of resources to get you motivated and inspired. If… Continue reading How to Find Free Art

Who Really Needs More Stuff this Holiday Season?

In the recent newsletter for ShineLight Legacy, we touched on the important subject of what the heck to buy people this holiday season? Such a great question. Having lost my grandparents a few years ago I wish I had thought about interviewing them and creating a digital memoir to reflect on and share with my children.… Continue reading Who Really Needs More Stuff this Holiday Season?

Singer, Songwriter: Andrea Molina Dropping Her First Album This Year

Andrea Molina is certainly not new to the craft of singing, though for the first time she will be putting herself out there like never before with her first album to drop before the holidays. Check out Molina's heartwarming story about practice, triumph, and love.